Whole Life Wellness Program

Full Evaluation:

1 session/month of Coaching, Custom Road Map, Referral Service, personality assessments, Biofeedback, Wellness Wheel, Evaluations with a WLW Clinical Psychologist, Wellness Seminar, after-care with a WLW staff. (50-60 minutes)

Half Session Appointment:

Coaching (20-25 minutes)

Single Assessment Evaluation:

Assessment and Custom Road Map (40-50 minutes)

Single Clinical Evaluation:

Biofeedback and psychological treatment plan (60-90 minutes)

Establishing Care Appointment:

60mins introductory session which includes Biofeedback, Wellness Wheel, and brief overview of DISC. This session can be discounted if choosing to continue the Full Evaluation Package. (50-60 minutes)

Evaluation Options

Single Options


Biocommunication technology designed to pick up and record the biomarkers from your body. Based off these "answers", a virtual picture of specific area of your body system is generated, which is helpful for decision making on your wellness journey.


Using perception reframing technology to manage your emotional wellness in an effective way.

Emotional Quotient

The Emotional Quotient measures your ability to manage your emotions and how they impact your relationships with others. This EQ assessment looks at a person’s emotional intelligence, which is your ability to detect and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to obtain higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

Behavioral Intelligence

This Behavioral Intelligence examines the behaviors individuals bring to the
job and a complete understanding of their own emotional intelligence. This test consists of two sciences: Behaviors and EQ, which will provide you with an in-depth look at your behavioral talents and your emotional intelligence. Understanding your pros and cons in these domains will greatly enhance your job performance and lead you to a higher level of professional achievements.

Stress Quotient

The Stress Quotient provides you with an in-depth analysis on 7 categories (Demand, Effort/ Reward, Control, Organizational Change, anager/Supervisor, Social Support, and Job Security). These domains are contributors to your level of stress at work. Being able to understand and work on these areas can strengthen your durability to become an exceptional team player.


The 12 Driving Forces assessment allows you to look at your key forces that stand behind every decision you make. The awareness of the forces that drive your behaviors can unlock your unknown insight of what leads to your unnecessary stress at work and ultimately boost your productivity.


DISC examines the behaviors which individuals can bring to job. It focuses on your four unique behaviors styles (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance) and informs you which one is your primary. Finding out your behavioral styles is the first step of knowing yourself and developing tactics to become a resilient leader that you yearn to be.


A cutting-edge, scientific-based assessment which combines of single science (DISC, Motivators, EQ) can provide you with thorough analysis about your strength and weaknesses. This test can bring different perspectives on how you can improve yourself, boost your productivity, and work effectively with other people.